whats Cost for New House Construction – Latest Rates of 2020

Latest construction Rates of 2020

After done a House Plan & Design, then next stage construction cost calculation.

we mention Rates of certain materials have increased overall per square foot cost has gone up day by day.

we has been posted info and look latest rates of house construction grey structure cost.

Have you decide to build a your dream new house ? then its not easy task,

how to start and find a well information and planing is very important. don’t take risk and don’t hesitate.

you can get a Professional Services and cost rate info from

what is House Construction Cost ?

Labor Construction rate is 300 RS/sqft, But in DHA 6 & Bahria town are 350 Rs/sqft ,

Gray Structure covered area rate is 1600 Rs/ sqft

But grey structure with finish A+ grade covered area rate is 3500+ Rs/sqft

Labor Contract :

Labor Contract mean a owner procures material and supervision labor on self help basis. A labor Contractor is take Responsibility for arranging required labour to carry out construction procedures.

in this case home construction cost in hands of owner.

otherwise at finaly house construction cost will depend upon owner.

New Home Cost Construction rates

The rate of highly luxurious construction rates is 4000 to 4500 Rs. Per Square foot.

The next type is high construction which is low than the first but it is also good in quality. It costs 3500 to 4000 Rs per square foot.

Latest Construction cost 2020
Latest Construction cost of house 2020

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Labor contracts

Lahore Construction Market Rates

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