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its very important to find out a Hire Perfect Architect Before construction can begin on any residential, House Architecture Design | indian House Design

the information needed by all personnel involved with the project must be documented. is for House Owner, Builders, Engineers,

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Get New Modern House Design | House Plan

Plot Size

45' X 80'
50' X 90'
55' X 100'

Plot in meter

13m X 24m

15m X 27m

10m X 30m

Complete Design Catalog Book

1: House Plan with 2d furniture fixers showing in Plan (2 or more Proposal + Changes in Plan Possible)

2: 3D Front Elevation (Maximum 2 Proposal + Changes or Color Scheme Possible) All side view images

3: Working Drawings (all wall to wall measurements, door, window , each dimension of plan layout + AA- Section, 2d front elevation, ramp, septic tank, water tank, working, Front wall design + working dwg.)

4: Electric Plan

5: Foundation Plan

6: Sanitation Plan

7: Sewerage Plan

8: Reinforcement Steel Design Plan

9: Ceiling Layout Design

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Hire Best Architect for your Dream House & Save 7 to 10% Construction Cost & Building Protective Tips.



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