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The Best new 10 Marla Lot Plan & 3D Elevation Design

The Best new 10 Marla Plan
Best 10 marla house facade

we made this for 10 marla Lot size 35’x65′ house plan design.

its 10 marla plan design Fully modern elevation design with Low cost maintenance and long time solid RCC elements.

10 marla plan design On Ground Floor level have 2 Bed with attached bath, Living with small dining area, 1 Drawing room for Guest seating, stair with Guest Powder room.

Likewise on 1st floor level have 3 bed room with Bath and terrace & other basic things.

Obviously you can understand with upper elevation 3D images hows inner plan layout? is lavish style & family taste accommodation.

Because its our signature & famous design. Even lot of people did copy our this design in many countries.

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then got original complete book set of architectural drawings for new construction house.

2 Such as Bed with Attached Bath with glass shower cabin. in this marla plan design have 2 terrace for family sitting design with green planter.

10 marla house 3d elevation
10 marla plan design

At the top of the stairs, there’s a small gallery area with multiple pieces of artwork and a sitting area to sit back, relax and appreciate the art pieces.

The home owners wanted a home inspired by mid-century modernist buildings, that was bright and open.

and at the same time, have rooms that naturally flowed into each other and the outdoors.

Off to the side of the stairs is a small patio area with seating,

10 marla house plan for dha, lake city valencia town, MIECHS

that’s shaded by the shape of the home.

On the front of the home, a combination of materials including concrete tile, wood, and steel work together to create an exterior that’s both modern and welcoming.

White washed facades and stone have been combined with low-maintenance landscaping to create a contemporary looking house.

our this project had publish for sale on ilaan.com